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Dr Daniela Mantice

When you visit a place, you’re doing something creative.
A tour guide’s job is to bring alive the beauty of a place in such a way that your emotions transform the experience into something you’ll never forget.
Your journey is just beginning…

My job

"If we exclude remarkable individual moments that Fate may reserve for us during our lives, loving our job is the nearest thing there is to happiness on Earth." Primo Levi

A guided tour with an art-history expert enables you to walk the paths of history in a place far from your everyday lives. The time we spend together is quality time, every place we visit gives us a different thrill, making it a unique experience. Far away from the familiar noises of our normal lives, our imagination can run wild, we can identify with the ancient heroes of mythology and delve into our memory. After all, we are the product of the human civilisations that have preceded us.

Visiting an archaeological site, a work of art, a museum or even a single monument with a guide enables you to understand the deeper meanings that lie behind what the human eye can perceive. It enables you to ‘hear the background music’ of a site, which makes the artistic, historical environmental and human context quite unique.

scavi di Ercolano
Scavi di pompei

We should aim to listen to the Ulysses who lies in every one of us, travelling far in time and far from home, exploring the world and learning new things. Then we can return to our own Ithaca, draw inspiration from what we have seen and use this to prepare a future that is in line with our hopes: that is when the secret of happiness becomes possible and sadness disappears.

Why choose me

Years of Experience

Working in the tourism sector for many years has fine-tuned my ability to create a friendly relationship with my clients even in a short space of time. Different people have different demands and expectations and I am happy to try to meet them! If you would prefer a more formal visit, I can do that too!

Customised tours

My tours are always informal and I will do everything I can to meet your specific requests, bearing in mind your cultural background. I adapt every single visit according to who you are, ad personam, in other words, adapting what I say to suit you, just like an outfit made-to-measure! I am happy to devote special attention to people with mobility problems and people with special needs. I can organise special visits for families with kids, so that they are never bored. After all, I have kids of my own and your kids are my customers too!


I try to stimulate your curiosity and your thirst for knowledge in an interesting way, concentrating all my years of study and in-depth academic research into a format that is simple and easy to understand.

Plan your visit

Archaeological site
Pompeii has been described as “a perennial metaphor and a warning to us all” and is a place which, without any doubt, makes us to return to our origins.


Opening times:
Summer 08.30 – 19.00 (last entry 18.00)
Winter 08.30 – 17.00 (last entry 15.30)

The site is closed: 1 January, 1 May, 25 December.


Adults  € 16,00

Under 18s free

Reductions € 2,00 for UE citizens  18/24 years.

Archaeological site
Herculaneum is less well-known and smaller than nearby Pompeii, but is a real archaeological gem.


Opening times:

Summer 9.00 – 19.00 (last entry 18.00);

Winter 8.30 – 17.00 (last entry 15.30);


Adults  € 13,00

Under 18s free

Reductions € 2,00 UE citizens 18/24 years.

‘Learn and have fun at the same time’ is my motto!
The things we talk about will stimulate the kids’ curiosity, encouraging them to learn. And, by looking at the stories of the ancient myths, we’ll also learn a bit about the philosophy of ancient greek and roman writers.


Opening times:

Summer 9.00 – 19.00 (last entry 18.00);

Winter 9.00 – 17.00 (last entry 15.30);

The site is closed: 1 January, 1 May, 25 December.


Under 18s free

The Reggia of Caserta is a splendid example of an 18th-century royal palace. In 1997 UNESCO declared the palace a World Heritage Site.


Opening times  8:30 -19,30.

Ticket office closing 18,45.

The site is closed: Tuesday;  25 December; 1° January. 


Adults € 14,00;

Reductions € 2,00 18/25 years;

Under 18s free.

Villa San Marco and Villa di Arianna
The Roman author Galenus tells us that ancient Stabiae had a mild climate, excellent milk and springwater with various beneficial medicinal properties.


Free entry.

Opening times:

From 1 November to 31 March: 8.30 – 17.00;

From 1 April to 31 October: 8.30 – 19.30.

The ticket office closes an hour and a half before the site closes.

Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio
Geographically, Mount Vesuvius dominates the landscape. Its familiar shape becomes a point of reference for anyone visiting Regione Campania!
The volcano is the ancient link between history and Nature.


Opening times:

January/February/November/December 9.00-15.00;

March/October 9.00-16.00;

April/May/June/September  9.00-17.00;

July/Augusto 9.00-18.00.


Adults € 10,00

Reductions € 8,00

Imperial villa
This magnificent imperial pleasure villa belonged to Poppea Sabina, Emperor Nero’s second wife.


Opening times:

Summer 8.30-19.30 (last entry 18.00);

Winter  8.30-17.00 (last entry 15.30);


Adults  € 7,00 (+ Antiquarium of Boscoreale);

Adults € 18,00 (+ Antiquarium of Boscoreale + Pompeii);

Discount for EU citizens: € 2,00. NB visitors must show documentary evidence of being an EU citizen

Under 18s free.

From Graeco-Roman Neapolis to the modern city.
Goethe is usually credited with the famous saying “See Naples and die!”. He meant that everyone should try to see Naples at least once before they die.
For centuries, people have come to Naples to admire its extraordinary architectural heritage, its many churches, convents and monasteries, its castles, its archaeology, and the plethora of paintings, sculptures and other works of art in its many museums and galleries. And, of course, they come to see its unique view!

Roman Puteoli
The Roman poet Statius called it “litora mundi hospita” to emphasise the hospitable and cosmopolitan nature of this place.

Historical notes
The Romans called it Puteoli, a Latin word meaning ‘little wells’, a reference to the many thermal springs in the area. It became a commercial and military port for Rome.
In A.D. 61, the apostle Paul is said to have landed here.



“Grande giornata”

Abbiamo trascorso una piacevole giornata con Daniela a Pompei. Mio marito ha una mobilità limitata e Daniela ci ha suggerito di percorrere l’itinerario consigliato per disabili. Lei ha contattato il nostro autista, gestendo i tempi della visita con grande efficienza. Si è dimostrata incredibilmente preparata e le sue spiegazioni ci sono state di notevole aiuto. Se hai intenzione di visitare Pompei non sbaglierai a scegliere lei come tua guida.


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Tampa, Florida



"Tour per bambini con Daniela"

Questa è stata un’esperienza straordinaria per la nostra famiglia. La nostra guida, Daniela era assolutamente fantastica! È stata incredibilmente divertente, competente e ha interagito con i nostri bambini tour utilizzando giochi e premi per motivarli ad imparare. Consiglio vivamente questo tour. Pollice su.


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"Esperienza meravigliosa a Pompei"

Abbiamo avuto un’esperienza meravigliosa con Daniela è sicuramente se dovessimo tornate nella zona di Napoli prenoteremmo di nuovo con lei.
Il nostro treno in arrivo da Roma era in ritardo, ciò ha comportato che siamo giunti a Napoli un’ora più tardi del previsto. Siamo stati soddisfatti della comprensione da parte della nostra guida dei motivi del nostro ritardo. La nostra guida Daniela è stata assolutamente fantastica. Lei insegna storia dell’arte ed ha una pluriennale esperienza come guida sia a Pompei che ad Ercolano. Il nostro gruppo era composto da tre adulti ma Daniela sarebbe perfetta anche per gruppi con bambini.

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Guida turistica di Pompei

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